In complex call center environments, agent desktop crashes, application problems, and network connectivity interruptions are bound to happen. But, you don't have to drop your customers' calls when they do. We can help you reconnect.

Session Recovery Controller

 When your customers reach a live agent, the last thing you want to do to  them is inadvertently drop their calls, but that's exactly what will  happen if your agents' softphones crash, or their hardphones lose  network connectivity. In the best-case scenario today, your agents may  collect a callback number from customers so that they'll be able to call  them back when their softphones–or desktops—restart, or when network  connectivity is restored, but that takes time. Meanwhile, your customers  don't know what happened; they've probably called back in, re-entered  their account numbers, once more navigated through the IVR, and now  are sitting in the queue...again. ​ 

Recover Dropped Calls

 When an agent's phone dies, it stops sending information in the media  stream, so your customer hears nothing but silence. Usually, the call  ends here; and the customer's frustration begins. The Techstra Session Recovery Controller,      using events from Oracle's Application Session Controller (a  complementary product to the Oracle Session Border Controller), can  detect this media loss and act on it. The Techstra solution can  then immediately play a prompt letting the customer know about  the problem, and that the call will be reconnected to an agent right  away (with full call context). 

Rigorous Testing

The  Session Recovery Contoller provides REST web services that can be  called by the IVR to store call data as a call progresses through the  voice application. After a failure, these services may be called to  restore the call data, before sending the recovered call back to the ACD  for routing to a new agent.

Quality Guaranteed

Once  the call data has been restored, and the calls variables have been  repopulated–all without requiring the caller to re-enter any  information--the call can be rerouted to an appropriate agent.

When  the call arrives at the Agent's desktop, his screen pop is able to  locate the correct record, just as it would for any other call, and the  voice path between the customer and the agent is reconnected.